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With the independent spirit to see the ordinary from a different perspective,
VISANG is creating a new global educational culture

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Digital solution to supplement traditional learning

AllviA is an interactive education solution that uses smart boards and pads.
It creates the perfect learning environment for future education.
Using digital devices, students can learn all subjects including languages.

Changing learning methods

As society changes, teaching and learning methods are changing too.

One platform from the beginning to the end of class.

From preview to homework and reports, AllviA provides
a comprehensive class solution. Students, parents, and teachers
can share learning results and progress through the app,
which helps identify weaknesses and directions for future learning.

Digital education platform for any subject

With AllviA, any learning material can be digitalized
into a learning program using devices.
Any subject can become fun and easy to learn through AllviA.

Programs created using AllviA

Subjects and programs created using AllviA:
You can digitalize your content and develop it into a perfect learning program through AllviA.