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Interactive English education that promotes life skills

ELiF is a multimedia digital learning program based on the
primary school curriculum, aiming to improve students’
knowledge-based language learning and future life skills.

6-year ELiF curriculum

Based on various subjects and topics, the program provides effective English education
and high-quality learning content based on internationally-recognized comparison tests.

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Fun learning through multimedia

The program offers multimedia videos based on real-life topics
to maximize results through immersive learning.

  • Real-life English conversation videos for students to learn various cultures and language skills

  • Visual reading & listening programs provide enjoyable reading

  • Animation for enjoyable learning of English language

Interactive digital content for maximum learning

Learning flow that enables both individual and group learning

In-class education based on interactive, creative learning

  • Multimedia content optimized
    for smart learning environment
  • 100% participation by using
    students’ own learning tools
  • Class environment for maximal
    participation of learners

Self-directed preview and review for maximum learning effects

  • Learning content customized for
    different learning environments
  • Optimal learning through
    self-directed reviews
  • LMS based on customized feedback
    on learning results

Textbooks designed for improving understanding

ELiF textbooks consist of 3 books per level and a total of 12 sets per year.

  • Storybook
    Fiction and nonfiction stories based on cognitive
    development levels and school subjects are
    systematically connected to one another to allow in-depth learning.

  • Workbook
    Based on what they learned in class,
    students review the learning materials
    to maximize their learning.

  • Storytelling book
    Based on the topic of the month, the students write and
    speak about their own stories through the storytelling book
    to wrap up the month’s learning

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Assessment system and reports

Multi-dimensional assessment based on
6 areas of communication

Reports analyze weak areas and propose
directions for future learning

Customized questions created by AI
Analyze weaknesses and gain insight for future learning directions

LMS to manage everything from registration to grades

Check your children’s learning progress anywhere
using the parents’ app

Global footprints of ELIF

The education provider Allab signed an exclusive agreement with us in 2019,
and began to supply ELiF all over Vietnam from 2020.

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