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With the independent spirit to see the ordinary from a different perspective,
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  • GESS Dubai 2020
    Visang education participated in 'GESS Dubai 2020' held at Dubai World Trade Center from February 25 to 27. Local buyers, private & public school teachers, etc. visited to the booth during the event. Many visitors were enjoying and had great interests in the education program, excellent content, platform, digital devices -smart board and tablet PC, and technology applied augmented reality (AR), and motion recognition (MR). It was a great opportunity to meet various buyers from the Middle East and also introduce our products as we achieved the success of GESS EDUCATION AWARDS 2020 FINALISTS. * GESS Dubai
  • BETT Show 2020
    Visang Education participated in the world's largest educational technology exhibition, Bett Show, from January 22nd to 25th in London, UK. Bett Show is a world-leading educational technology exhibition and is hosted by the British Educational Suppliers Associatin (BESA) since 1985. Visang Education presented Children’s English program called Wings and Challenge, an elementary self-paced English learning program called englisheye, a new English program for elementary school students called ELiF, and an upcoming math program for elementary students to buyers from around the world in the global education community, as well as demonstrated how technology and innovation enables educators and learners to thrive. * BETT Show
  • 2019 Exhibitions
    * Visang Education's Appearance in Global Exhibitions and Events in 2019 * BETT Show * TiBE * GESS Dubai * SIEE * MIEF * Beijing International Kindergarten Supplies Exhibition * KBEE in Bangkok * EDIX * SIBF * e-Learning Korea : Edutech Fair * Performance Coaching Program * GESS Indonesia * FBF * KBEE in Dubai * STS&P * Edutech Asia * Japan e-Learning Award * Smart Show
  • 2018 Exhibitions
    * Visang Education's aAppearance in Global Exhibitions and Events in 2018 * BETT Show * TiBE * GESS Dubai * International Kids Industry EXPO* BCBF * SIEE * EDIX * K-Licensing Road Show * ISTE * SIBF * BIBF * FBF * GESS Turkey * China International Preschool Education Industry EXPO * China-Korea Book Copyright Fair (Business Matching Event)