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KLaSS, the epitome of Korean language education

KLaSS (Korean Language Smart Solution) provides
the most effective Korean education program and creates
a new learning ecosystem through edtech.

KLaSS 4-step learning process

KLaSS enables real-time interaction between the teacher
and students and helps students learn through quizzes and video recordings etc.

Over 580 multimedia content items for immersive learning

  • High-quality class based on videos and audio by experts

  • Learn Korean with fun videos that include interesting Korean expressions and cultural stories

  • Illustrations to help students understand the contents

Real-time interactive learning using customized activities for different levels

Effective Korean learning through teaching
methods optimized for face-to-face learning

Over 80 activities systemized according to different levels and purposes

Learn Korean in a smart way based on activities used in actual Korean language classes

  • Basics: Learning Korean consonants and vowels

  • Beginner: Practice changing the grammatical format

  • Intermediate: Debate

  • Practice Korean: Dictation

  • Practice speaking: Record and listen

  • Exercise test: Multiple choice questions

Communication activities for teachers and students

Feedback is the most important part of language education. Learn Korean in a fun and easy way with a teacher.

Textbook for self-directed learning

From beginners to advanced learners, students can enjoy self-directed learning at home as well, using the main textbook and exercise book.

Multidimensional assessment

The integrated questions help students review their progress and check errors immediately

Manage your language skills by saving learning results

Learners can save their assessment results as well as learning activities to plan their language learning process

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